Trelliclips (Foliage Wire Clips)

Trelliclip foliage wire clips are the only clip you will ever need to secure your foliage wires to the poles. We have re-designed and updated the Trelliclip to make it easier to place your foliage wires while working in the vineyard. The new design is able to accommodate wire up to 3mm in diameter without having to be forced into the clip.

Trelliclip offers you the following features and benefits:
  • Easy to Install, only a hammer needed.
  • Only 1 nail required.
  • UV Stabilised, virgin material used for longevity.
  • Trelliclip has "points" to bite into the pole.
  • Plastic does not rust and will therefore not damage the coating on galvanised wire.
  • The green colour is uniform with the rest of the vineyard. * Other colours can be produced on request.
  • Time saver, you can utilise your labour force more effectively for other tasks in the vineyards.
  • Packaging: 3,000 per carton.