Manzana M22-AM Avocado Clipper

Manufactured and imported from Spain, the Manzana M22-AM clipper is best used for harvesting delicate fruit, such as avocados and mangos. 

The M22-AM model has a raised section on the counter-blade that helps the harvester leave a stem of approximately 3mm - not too long so as to puncture other fruit, and not too short so as to allow fungi to enter the fruit, causing rot. The blade's tips and all edges are also rounded to avoid damaging the fruit's skin. 


  • Raised section on the counter blade
  • Rounded blade edges
  • Rounded blade tips
  • Non-slip handles
  • Adjustable
  • Ergonomic 


Product item Manzana M22-AM Avo Clipper
Best used for harvesting: Avo, mango & other delicate fruit
Total length 145mm
Weight 130g
Qty / pack Each


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