ARS 32cm Saw in Sheath UV-32E with curved blade

This saw is specifically designed for arborists, but is just as effective when used in fruit orchards and landscaping applications. The rubber coating on the ergonomically designed grip, makes sawing a pleasure. The 32cm blade is taper ground, impulse hardened and hard chrome plated which results in superior durability and hardness. Due to the fact that the UV-32E saw has a "Super Turbocut" tooth design smooth cutting performance is enhanced when cutting wood horizontally, vertically or any other angle. The saw is sold with a sheath that has a guide roller to ensure smooth movement of the saw into and out of the sheath. The sheath helps to prevent injuries and is handy for tree climbing. The belt clip on the sheath is reversible, enabling left and right handed users to use the saw with comfort.
  • 1 per pack