ARS 27cm Saw in Sheath TL-27

The ARS 27cm Saw is also known as the CAP-27 saw. This saw has a 2-Way tilt grip and Super Turbo cut teeth on the 270mm blade to increase productivity during the pruning season. The 2-Way tilt grip [the angle of the blade is changed with a thumb operated lever] facilitates pruning trunks, or branches, high or low or at any angle. The specially set teeth, immune to sawdust deposit, cut easily and smoothly into green wood, either straight, across or diagonally to the grain. The lightweight, easy to carry sheath has dual rollers at its mouth which firmly hold the saw, even when turned upside down. The rollers also help the saw to be pulled out of the sheath smoothly, without damaging the teeth. Weighing only 200grams, and with a die cast aluminum handle covered with rubber, you can prune effortlessly without fatigue.
  • 1 per pack