Pruning & Harvesting

Dura Cut & Hold Shear

The Dura range is Taiwanese and offers a very good replica of other well-known and expensive brands, but is much more affordable and they tried and tested.

The Dura Cut & Hold is ideal for flower cutting especially suited for roses as it protects you from the thorns. With cut and hold feature to facilitate easy cutting of flowers for the vase, and rapid harvesting in commercial applications.

  • Fully serviceable, spare parts are available
  • High grade forged carbon steel blades assure sharpness & longevity
  • Robust lightweight aluminum handles with built-in center adjustment
  • Forged steel hook & sap groove, keeps a sharp edge, easy to sharpen
  • Unique 2 stage opening control, allows full opening for normal use and restricted opening for repetitive smaller cuts - helps to reduce R.S.I.
  • Open spring design, ideal when used in and around soil

Length 21.5cm

Cut capacity 2.5cm

1 per pack